Preliminary Building Assessment

  • Excessive amount of icicles shows clearly there are extremely large flaws in the thermal envelope
  • Building is so poorly insulated and air sealed that the programmable thermostats could not function properly
  • Boiler operates at around 82% efficiency (much efficiency is lost in the exhaust from the internal combustion chamber to outside air)
  • Possibly need for storm windows
  • Large need for vestibule installation at front entryway

Next steps:
  • A more in depth audit with blower door and infrared
    • We must locate exact problem areas in the thermal envelope
    • Decide what type of insulation is necessary for which parts of the building
    • Asess problem windows
    • Assess any moisture issues

  • Create plan of proposed upgrades
    • Organized by price and time frame
      • ex. weather stripping front door = 10-20 minutes
      • ex. building vestibule for front entry = 1-3 days
    • Determine allowed budget and finalize which upgrades will be carried out