2010 Landscape Design

Creating a new landscape design for the Aiken Center

Next Landscape Design Group Meeting is Monday, 4/26/2010 at 3:30 outside the Aiken building (facing the library)

Kelsey McAuliff <kmcaulif@uvm.edu>
Jenna Sciolla <jsciolla@uvm.edu>
Lily Hatcher Morgan <lhmorgan@uvm.edu>
Kelley Donovan kmdonova@uvm.edu
Deane Wang deane.wang@uvm.edu

Rough Draft of Poster:
Final Draft of Poster:

Possible PRINCIPLE FOR THE PROJECT project goals (link)

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RSENR Newsletter draft

Stakeholder list (link)

City of Burlington - policy and guidelines
University of Vermont- Policies and Guidelines
LEED Guidelines- Major Renovations Rating System

Latest landscape plan: april 1, 2010

The plan submitted for permit review by the City 2010

The 2008 student plan and presentation: